Par-cooked Baked Potatoes Launched into Aldi

15 October 2015

Baked potatoes make a great meal - nutritious, filling and satisfying, particularly in the Autumn and Winter months

They can take a little time to prepare and cook, though, and that's where Stirfresh's par-cooked baked potatoes play a valuable role. Aldi today launched this product in their stores across Scotland. With two potatoes in the pack and ready in just four minutes in the microwave, all you need to do is add your favourite topping. If you're in a hurry, serve with something quick and easy like grated Scottish cheese, if you've time to be a little more creative, why not grill or stirfry some vegetables? Perfect as a backup in your fridge, or as a fantastic alternative for lunch to sandwiches, pop into an Scottish Aldi store today and pick up a pack.

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