Sponsors of the Broons Awards 2016 Sporting Families

Broons Awards 2016

2 December 2015

Stirfresh sponsors the Broons' Sporting Families Award. As a family business growing, preparing, packaging, and supplying fresh produce to a range of businesses, our commitment to excellent quality fresh produce and healthy eating has always sat well with the family's love of sport where healthy eating is as vital an ingredient of remaining in peak condition and performing your best to sportsmen and women as their personal training programme. When The Sunday Post asked Stirfresh to sponsor the Sporting Families Award, we felt it was a great opportunity to recognise local families' achievements as we do with more prominent sports men and women. Nominate your choice of Sporting Family on the Broons Awards website. Like our Facebook page, Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up with the latest news and developments,

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